Getting smart in booking wedding venues in Pakistan

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“WORK  SMART NOT HARD , that’s what i believe”

This world is running by the hands of art, believe it or not. Creativity boost up the level of your work than others who are just following the directed path. Smart people are more successful besides other people because just by putting less effort they achieve their goal so easily but it’s difficult being smart. No one tells them what to do and how things are being done, they construct their own ways. Let the hard workers to follow them!

Online websites help people to make their work easy. Some websites have taken up the task of spreading awareness against rumors by presenting evidence and hard facts; some provide online buying products and some help you to find your  better-half but here is something new in the market. A website named where you can explore , compare ,Check Availability and Book Your Wedding Venue Online!

here i am going to narrate how this online wedding site works so that you get smart in booking wedding venues in Pakistan.


Wedding is that time in your life when your feet hardly touch the ground and you are mostly found somewhere near the clouds, right

Well, not so if you happen to be the one booking the hall and making the arrangements. We went through something similar a while back, when we were planning a friend’s wedding in Karachi… from Islamabad. In times when you can order roll paratha online, not being able to find shadi halls and event venues on the web was quite frustrating – never mind figuring out the finer details such as food or prices or decorations.But adversity usually gives birth to innovation – or in our times – to a start-up. So, what happens when a budding entrepreneur from LUMS and a seasoned software engineer walk into to a room? Of course, they decide to create And then when a director of a leading Telco joins them as an advisor, what happens then? is created and it starts executing deals with excellent service standards.Here at, we are millennial who would just love it if things were simpler, like ordering roll paratha online or booking a cab from your mobile phone. We love technology, because – you guessed it – it simplifies things. is a growing portal of Wedding halls Lahore, marquees and event venues which offers you the convenience of comparing and choosing a venue from the comfort of your home. Our venue details include location, pricing, pictures, packages and all the other minor details you can think of, so that you can make an informed choice.

HOW IT WORKS: is Pakistan’s innovative venue booking portal where you can browse and compare hundreds of venues, explore their facilities, check their prices and availability and even book them only by making a few clicks.

EXPLORE: EXPLORE NOW! and Compare from hundreds of venue options.

ENQUIRE: Enquire about their availability and see which venue is giving you the best discount.

VISIT VENUE: Visit venues and taste their food in a special Style!

BOOKING: Make first payment to to confirm your booking.


Here at, we try to go the extra mile for you. Not content at having provided you with simplified venue booking at really low rates, we decided to simplify shopping for you, too.  has partnered with leading international and national brands, such as Samsung, Haier, Dell, Depilex, HP, HTC and Huawei to bring you exclusive shopping discounts. Simply book your venue through and then visit our discount partners to enjoy exclusive shopping discounts on your purchases. A list of our current discount partners can be seen below. is constantly expanding its list of discount partners, so watch this space.


This website answers to your all queries like:

why should i book a venue through

who will i have to pay for my booking?

what are the payment terms?

So, what are those ‘discount partners’ you were talking about?

Do i have to pay any commission to

Do you provide event management services?

what if the requested date is not available?

No doubt, is Pakistan’s no. 1 booking wedding venue site. So visit and explore our BLOGS too. please do let us know if it’s helpful for you.

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