Rental Company:
High Speed Car Rentals
Car Type:
Car name:
Suzuki Wagon R
Car Model:
14 KM/L
total price:
Rs. 2000

Suzuki Wagon R Details

Do you need Suzuki Wagon R 2005-07 on rent in Lahore? We offer Best, affordable and cheap car rental rates in All over Lahore. You can book all types economy, Compact, Luxury, Premium, Exotic, Van, Bus, Coaster and Prado at affordable Price with Drivers and without Drivers. Along with being sufficiently spacious and extremely comfortable, the interior of the vehicle is equipped with all the major and minor essentials to provide the passengers with non stop entertainment on long and tiresome journeys. The high quality seat fabrics do not let you feel tired even if you have to travel the distance of hundreds of kilometers on daily basis. The integrated high quality sound system is featured with AUX and USB port. Introducing a redefined concept of the compact car, the four-wheeler emits an air of elegance and sophistication from its very exterior. So, travelling in it will render you a lot of confidence, and the onlookers will keep on gazing on its extraordinary appearance. Apart from giving it boldness, the beautifully designed front bumper equips it with grandeur and superiority. In quite the same way, the look of the window has been significantly enhanced. It has been installed with the advanced quality fog lamps on the front to promote visibility level while you are driving in the dark and fogy environments. The “Rear Upper Spoiler” not only adds to the beauty of the back part of the vehicle but also serves to reduce lift even at the time when are running the car at dangerously high speeds. The same purpose is achieved through the “Rear Under Spoiler” and the “Side Under Spoiler”.

Car Rental Information

4 Passengers
2 Bags
air conditioning
petrol Vehicle