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High Speed Car Rentals
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6 Km/L
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Rs. 17500

Toyota Details

The name associated with unmatched excellence and grandeur is Toyota Prado. After flaunting its elegant style and powerful performance for sixty years, the majestic SUV is still a preferred vehicle among well-off Pakistani buyers. The year 2017 has brought even more luxuries to enjoy through a highly mesmerizing ride in this automobile. The enormous four-wheeler will lift your social status among all those who see you travelling in this extremely expensive automobile. You would yourself feel like royalty stepping out of this magnificent beauty. Even without taking a look at that stunning metal body, the nameplate is enough to bring deep admiration to the SUV. These adventures are meant to be shared with your family or a group of lively friends. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado accommodates eight people in its extremely roomy interior. Each one of the passengers receives a treatment worthy of Princes and Princesses through numerous facilities added to the 2017 model. For instance, multi stage heating for the seats gives extreme comfort when it is cold and chilly. Moreover, the rear passengers can enjoy a nine inches screen for watching movies through the excellent DVD entertainment system of the vehicle. Do you need Toyota PRADO TXL 7 SEATER 2013-15 for Rent in Lahore? We offer Best and affordable Toyota PRADO for Rent in All over Lahore. You can book all types economy, Compact, Luxury, Premium, Exotic, Van, Bus, Coaster and Prado at affordable Price with Drivers and without Drivers.

Car Rental Information

7 Passengers
4 Bags
air conditioning
petrol Vehicle
Autometic transmission
Driver Available